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LIMITED EDITION MATTES - Sarah's Birthday Set 2018


Welcome to Sarah's Birthday Set! Once a year, I design an eyeshadow set based on my favorite eyeshadow colors, and named after stuff I love. This can be an eclectic set, but it always ends up being a ton of fun. And this year - IT'S MATTES.

The backstory:

So, that means we may be one of the first makeup companies to have a hardcore wrestling inspired eyeshadow set, but why the hell not? I love wrestling. I mean, I LOVE wrestling. I watch literally hours and hours of it every night. I am probably the girliest girl you will ever meet and tend to be pretty laid back (and tbh, get lightheaded at the sight of my own blood) but you get me to Smackdown and I go FREAKING NUTS. I love it all. Give me the flames, the barbed wire baseball bats, throwing men from 16 feet, "It's VINTAGE UNDERTAKER!", bags of thumbtacks and being thrown through windows and GIVE ME A HELL YEAH. I live for wrestling, so here we are. 

The colors: 

Cactus Jackie (matte dark brown) - Inspired by one of my favorite matches and favorite wrestlers ever - Backlash 2004, Foley vs Orton (Content Warning: Violence - this is a pretty brutal one). This is a very pigmented dark brown, so a little will go a VERY long way. 

Sarah 3:16 (matte purple) - Sarah 3:16 says I just would rather avoid physical conflict and I am ready to discuss your valid concerns in a constructive mutual manner.  A dark, slightly smokey lilac matte mineral eyeshadow. 

Giant Leap For Mankind (matte cream) - A defining moment of the WWE, one that lives in infamy. A light cream matte eyeshadow that leans towards pink. 

ADD ON HIGHLIGHT: It's True (light yellow matte) - great for brow highlights and other utilitarian work. I know not everyone can use a color like this, so this is an add on option. 

Sarah's Favorite Moments:

Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, and Vinny Backstage at Smackdown (2001)

The best of the Rock and Sock Connection

 Foley (It Doesn't Matter) to the Rock



Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, Serecite Mica, Carnauba Wax. 


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