Artisan Handmade Mineral Cosmetics since 2009


1. What is the best way to contact you?

Emailing is the quickest way to get a hold of us. Since we are a small business we cannot guarantee that we will see questions sent via social media (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) 

2. Will you be bringing back (color name or product name)?

Yes, probably. We are slowly bringing back all of our colors and products based on the level of production, so you'll see us re-introducing things in batches. We will have announcements when products return. 

3. Do you have a storefront? Can I come pick up my order?

We currently are only available online right now. 

4. What's the difference between the free samples that I get in my order and the samples that you sell? 

Every order includes free samples, but we also sell them online. The ones that you purchase come in heavy weight ziplock bags and have a larger amount of product than the free ones, which are in lighter ziplock bags. 

5. What is your turn around time? 

All of our orders are shipped within 2-3 business days. 

6. But my last order took forever to ship. What's with that? 

For the last couple of years we did not have the infrastructure to handle the growth, and along with some personal life changes, things got messy. During the several month hiatus we worked hard to untangle this system and rebuild something that was much more efficient and faster.

7. Pre-hiatus Orders 

Sweet Libertine had to go on hiatus for several months in 2014. We have moved and reestablished ourselves and are in normal operation with a turn around time of 48-72 hours.

We have contacted those who had pending orders, and we typically resolve them 3 ways. 

If you have an unfilled order, please contact us at IMMEDIATELY so we can resolve it ASAP. Please include the order date and order number. 

1. We ship the order if we have the eyeshadows in stock, or ask you to pick substitutions from our current stock. 

2. Refund, which is issued for the amount paid through PayPal. 

3. Store credit, which is issued for the pre-discounted (or normal price) amount. 

We want to make sure that ALL orders are resolved. We did our best to contact everyone, but if you didn't hear anything, please email us ASAP at so we can take care of things. We really want to make sure everyone is satisfied, so please let us know what we can do.