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Wicked As They Come has arrived! See the swatches

Posted by Sarah Waller on

The new Wicked As They Come collection is here! We have been really busy in the swatching group, and here's some great ones that I wanted to share. 

Bludbunny - A deep rust mineral eyeshadow.


Can-Can Dancer of the DamnedA charcoal black mineral eyeshadow with a splash of sparkle and shimmer. This eyeshadow is perfect for a smokey eye.


Clockwork MonkeyA metallic pumpkin orange mineral eyeshadow.


Conjure Me - A bright cerulean blue mineral eyeshadow.


DaggermanA heathered periwinkle mineral eyeshadow.


Madam Morpho - An electric aquamarine mineral eyeshadow.


Magic Dust - A heathered dove taupe mineral eyeshadow.


Sexy Mr. Darcy - A graphite greyish black mineral eyeshadow.


Tightrope GirlA plum wine mineral eyeshadow.


Tsarina's Kiss - A spun sugar pink mineral eyeshadow.


UrobourosAn electrum green gold mineral eyeshadow.


Vampy Witch-Queen - A dark emerald green mineral eyeshadow.

Purchase the collection here.

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