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The Best Sweet Libertine Eyeshadows For Brown Eyes

October 25, 2016

Lots of folks like to shop for their eyeshadow based on their eye color, and we try to make that easy by having them sorted on the menu bar (you can see the category for brown eyes here). But today we're going to look at some of the major sellers, the ones that go down in Sweet Libertine history as the highest recommended. 
First up, we have Thai Silk. This is a very pigmented orange that can look intimidating at first, but once you try it you'll never know how you lived without it. Works well with colors like Fool's Gold or Pretty Floral Bonnet.
Next is Blood Meridian - this color is a deep reddish plum. It pairs beautifully with Thai Silk (featured above) or on its own. Would work well with Schrodinger's Cat or Oxford Comma.
Cafe au Lait is a gorgeous chocolate brown with a peach shimmer. This is a staple to have in your collection - it goes well with most of our other colors, or it works great on its own (especially as a "work safe" eyeshadow color). For a pairing, I would recommend Eden Park or Ramble On
Trusty ol' Copper Penny. It's named this because the brown is the same tone that you find on old, worn copper pennies that have been darkened over time. This color has been around since our Etsy days, and is a great staple color to use. It works well alone, or with a color like Cafe au Lait or Dragon City. It also really makes a killer smokey eye with some strategic blending.
Envy is a dirty olive green mineral eyeshadow with a gold sheen. It has a black base, which means when you blend it down it makes a great smokey eye. This color looks great when worn with a gold like Element or brown like Electric Mudside.
Disco Butterfly is a bluish grey that can reflect light to look purple, blue, or pink. This color is great for a blue-tone that doesn't remind you of those horrible cosmetic mistakes of the 80s. This color would pair best with After Midnight or Catfight.
X Marx the Spot is a light, airy, pinkish purple mineral eyeshadow. This color would work on the lid, with maybe Quixotic or Descarte Before The Horse
Antidisestablishmentarianism has a light olive green eyeshadow with a strong pinkish-purple sheen. It would look great with Little Soul or Secret Liaison.
Velvet is a dark purple mineral eyeshadow. This is another long-term Sweet Libertine resident, and a staple for any collection. It would work great in the crease of the eye with Camisole on the lid, or take it darker and use Velvet on the lid and throw some Black in the crease for a sexy smokey eye.
Last but not least, Karma is a bright, pigmented blue color. For a bright eye you can apply it to the lid alone, or you can tone it down with Eyes of Fools or make it smokey with Fiasco.
I hope you enjoyed this little eyeshadow tour - keep an eye out for lists that have suggestions for the other eye colors!

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