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Good News/Bad News: Firefly Edition

August 09, 2015

I know the Firefly-inspired collection "Can't Take the Sky From Me" was insanely popular, so I have been working hard to bring back all of the colors. And they will all be back - except three. And that's the good news/bad news.
Good News: 
Hands of Blue and Serenity are back in stock! Yay!
Bad News: 
Browncoat, Inevitable Betrayal, and Captain Tightpants are going to be discontinued. I have worked to make sure we have as many in stock as possible, but a main ingredient was discontinued and we have very limited numbers. I will be reformulating, but the discontinued ingredient was (frankly) pretty awesome and multi-dimensional. I am working on duplicates of the colors, but I cannot guarantee when or if they will come back. This is a BIG Booooooo. 
More Firefly-inspired colors are coming, so make sure to keep an eye out, along with more blushes and mineral veils. 

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