Sweet Libertine Free Sample Program

PLEASE READ: We have a large number of envelopes come in that are not a correct Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope. We have to formally state that we do not guarantee return of your envelope and are not held responsible for it. ALL correct envelopes are sent back out. (Please bear in mind that samples are our best and most successful form of advertising. This means that we want to send you samples, but we cannot rewrite and pay postage for incorrect ones.)
The Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics Free Sample Program allows you to request free samples for yourself, friends, and family that have yet to try Sweet Libertine Cosmetics. If you are unfamiliar with Sweet Libertine, we make natural mineral makeup by hand. It’s all made by us, no harmful elements or fillers, and it’s great for sensitive skin. You can 
The recipient will receive a small package containing two samples of Sweet Libertine’s most popular colors, a business card, and a short note explaining what the program is and why they were sent the samples. The colors sent in the sample packs will be completely random but they will be Sweet Libertine’s most popular colors.They will come in a small sample ziplock bag, and will include enough powder for several applications. A sales code will also be included that they can use for a first purchase at Sweet Libertine.
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If you want to get a Sweet Libertine Mineral Eyeshadow Sample pack, please send a self-addressed stamped business size envelope to:

Sweet Libertine Cosmetics
2621 Ashland Ave. Suite 2
Cincinnati Ohio 45206
INTERNATIONAL FOLKS: Please include an International Reply Coupon, available at your local post office.
Packing an envelope that is already addressed and stamped takes just a few seconds, vs having to buy envelopes, print the envelope, correct any address errors, etc. We want to get samples out ASAP, and this is the best way we can do that.

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